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Carlos Q. | Salt Lake City, UT | Dealership Success Story

You know what to expect from them. Prestige is easy to work with, and they are always looking for reasons to complete deals for you.

I’ve been working with Prestige for about eleven years.  One thing I will say about Prestige is one, they are looking for reasons to complete deals for you. They’re easy to work with and you know what kind of guidelines you’re going to be at. You know what to expect of them. They know who they are and they’ve learned how to do it well. To kind of put the whole experience with them in a nutshell, we had a family come in. It was kind of late one night on a Saturday, they had just filed bankruptcy, they were losing their minivan and that’s what they needed to transport their kids to school. That was just their family vehicle. So we were able to kind of look at the credit and know what situation the customer was going to be in. We knew what kind of guideline, we were going to say “hey look we have a lender, with Prestige Financial they are specifically kind of for what your needs are. This is what they’re going to require, this is what they’re going to do for you. They’re going to ask this of you, he was able to provide all of that. So knowing all that off-hand and having Prestige, knowing that we’re going to have their support on the deal and we know that they’re going to approve that deal, we were able to send them home that day in a new minivan and that family didn’t skip a beat out of their normal life.